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Google Launches Cloud Bigtable To Store Big Data


Tech giant Google is throwing down the cloud gauntlet. The company is making the same database that powers Google Search, Gmail and Google Analytics available to the masses via its Google Cloud Platform.

Here’s the pitch: Businesses are growing more data-centric. The age of the Internet of Things (IoT) is fast approaching. Against that backdrop enterprises and data-driven organizations have to adapt to drive data insights more efficiently, according to Google.


“In this environment, any time spent building and managing infrastructure rather than working on applications is a lost opportunity,” Cory O’Connor, a product manager at Google Cloud Platform, wrote in a blog post.

Why Go Google?

With that, O’Connor introduced Google Cloud Bigtable, which he described as a fully managed, high-performance, scalable NoSQL database service. Enterprises can access Bigtable through the open source Apache HBase API.

“Google Cloud Bigtable excels at large ingestion, analytics, and data-heavy serving workloads,” O’Connor said. “It's ideal for enterprises and data-driven organizations that need to handle huge volumes of data, including businesses in the financial services, ad tech, energy, biomedical, and telecommunications industries.”

O’Connor ticked off six key benefits Google wants enterprises to understand: performance; open source interface; low cost; security; simplicity; and maturity. On the performance front, Google promises single-digit millisecond latency and over twice the performance per dollar of unmanaged NoSQL alternatives.

With the open source interface, data can be imported and exported using industry-standard formats. And Cloud Bigtable is built with a replicated storage strategy that encrypts data both in-flight and at rest. Google is setting Bigtable’s total cost of ownership at less than half the cost of the services offered by its direct competitors.

“Creating or reconfiguring a Cloud Bigtable cluster is done through a simple user interface and can be completed in less than 10 seconds,” O’Connor said. “As data is put into Cloud Bigtable the backing storage scales automatically, so there’s no need to do complicated estimates of capacity requirements.”

Google Targets IoT

Google listed a number of service partners that can help enterprises get up to speed quickly with Cloud Bigtable, including SunGuard, Pythian, CCRi, and Telit Wireless Solutions. These companies can build financial data platforms, metrics collection platforms, geospatial analysis platforms, and data ingestion platforms.

We asked Zeus Kerravala, principal analyst at ZK Research, for his take on Cloud Bigtable. He told us the database Google uses for search, Gmail and analytics is very advanced, perhaps the best in the industry with the most scale.

“As Internet of Things becomes a bigger trend, the ability to access data wherever it is, analyze it and take action on it becomes really important,” Kerravala said. “Bigtable is a global distributed cloud with rich analytics that’s secure, and frankly pretty low cost. So instead of building your own distributed cloud and trying to mirror everything, you can use Bigtable. You could argue Google is already the company that powers most of the Internet. It could become the company that powers the Internet of Things.”

Google Cloud Bigtable is available as a beta release in multiple locations worldwide.


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